George C. Tjaden Family picture gallery

Tjaden family from Rysum (tree 6)

Peter George Christopher Tjaden (son of Ubbo Tjaden) Photo taken mid to late 1800's.


From left to right...Annabelle Tjaden, George C. Tjaden, Johanna Tjaden (George's mother). Photo taken in Coney Island, NY approx. 1910.


George C. Tjaden (center) with his children William and Annabelle in Passaic, NJ approx. 1939.


George C. Tjaden with his children George, William and Annabelle. Photo taken 1931.


George C. Tjaden (son of Peter G.C. Tjaden) Photo taken 1910.


George C. Tjaden. It was taken approximately 1920.



William J. Tjaden, Jr. in Fair Lawn, NJ 1954