Tjaden family tree Cleverns/Norden

This is a contribution of Evert Tjaden and Wessel Deelman. The tree is divided in the following pages:

Johan Tjaden: Cle 1, Cle 2, Cle 3, Cle 4, Cle 5, Cle 6, Cle 7, Cle 8
Albert Johann Tjaden: Al 1, Al 2
Hendrik Johannes Tjaden: Hen 1, Hen 2, Hen 3, Hen 4
Jan Johannes Tjaden: Jan 1
Christiaan Johannes Tjaden: Chr 1, Chr 2
Ludwig Johannes Tjaden: Lud 1, Lud 2, Lud 3
Karl Menke Tjaden: Kar 1
Georg Hinrich Tjaden: Geo 1, Geo 2
Hinrich Peters Tjaden: Bre 1, Bre 2

Download this tree in GEDCOM format (thank you Larry).

The church books of Cleverns are not inquiried. In Cleverns we can find more about Johan Tjaden (Cle 1). On page Cle 1 you see the brother and sister of Meemke Berendt / Mehmke Johansen. We can find more about them.
Also has Menke Janssen (page Cle 3) born Cleverns 1754 maybe brothers and sisters, we don't no.

In my archives I have some people with the name Tjaden who came from Cleverns.

I hope when some people recognize their grand-parents, they would tell me more about their family tree. I have no e-mail yet so you can contact me through the message board.

Evert Tjaden
Tulpstraat 33
9679 EP Scheemda
The Netherlands

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