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Hajo Uffen Tjaden (on the right) with his brother (left, who knows him?)

(Family tree 4 page UF.2)

© Sigmar Tjaden

Siebo Tjaden

(Family tree 4 page UF.4)

© Sigmar Tjaden

Sibo  and Gertrud Tjaden. (family tree 4, page UF.4.)

© Sigmar Tjaden

Gebke (opoe)Tjaden and her granddaughter Gerhardina Maas (late 1800's)
(Family tree20)

Gesche (Hester) Tjaden, Aug. 20, 1820 - Jan. 20, 1899. Moved in 1853 from Ostfriesland to Texas (USA). Married with Andreas Christian Gembler
(Family tree 7. page Heer. 10)

Peter George Christopher Tjaden (late 1800's) Click picture for more george C. Tjaden family pictures

(Family tree 6, Luth. 1)

Sibo Tjaden (on the right)

(Family tree 4 page UF.4)

Wibke & Hajo Tjaden from Emden (around 1930)

(Family tree 4 page UF.2)

Brechtje Margaretha Tjaden (born 1889 in Westersander). (family tree 8, page Gott. 7.)

© Dr. Frank Ollermann

On the right is Bertus Tjaden (uncle Bertus). On the left unknown. (family tree 4a)

The oldest portait of a Tjaden. Enno Johann Heinrich Tjaden (born as Enno Johann Hinnink Tjaden). Born in Aurich/Ostfriesland on 18/07/1722, died in Aurich on 23/12/1799. He belongs to Tjaden, number 3A: family tree Wittmund/Blaukirchen/Aurich  (family tree 3a)
This is a photo of Helmut Tjaden 85th birthday (photo was taken in october 2005)
Helmut Tjaden, born in 1920 (man with the hat; right side)
his two sons and his daughter with all their children .
Tjaden- family from Westerstede, Germany.

(family tree 10)

Cornelis Tjaden and Ida de Boer. (family tree 3b, page Ep4)
© Bert Tjaden
Church of Forlitz-Blaukirchen Ostfriesland, Germany.
Built in 1845. Before there were churches in Forlitz as well as in Blaukirchen.
© Bert Tjaden
Youth picture of Cornelis Tjaden (born 24/4/1893, died 28/10 1944) and his brother Egbert Tjaden (born 22/12/1896, died 17/5/1975)
(family tree 3b, page Ep7)
© Bert Tjaden

Egbert Eppes Tjaden and Henderika Taay (family tree 3b), page Ep4)
© Bert Tjaden
Ancestors of Amy Robbins Tjaden: Tjade and Heimke Schmidt Tjaden. Tjade was born in 1851 in Engerhafe, Ostfriesland. Tree30, page M7
grandfather of Henk Tjaden on  picture below (born approx. 1850 in Ost-Friesland)
© Henk Tjaden (family tree 5)

George Seigmund Tjaden and Hemke Saathoff and eight of their nine children.
"In back, left to right: Gretje "Grace" (Tjaden) Ackerman, Marie (Tjaden) Johnson, Harmina "Mini" (Tjaden) Blank, Folka "Folly" (Tjaden) Ackerman. Front, left to right: Wilke "Bill" Tjaden, HarmTjaden, George Tjaden, George Tjaden Jr. (on Hemke's lap) Hemke (Saathoff) Tjaden, Tena (Tjaden) Gerdes. Hemke made all the dresses. Folly is in her wedding dress and is probably pregnent (per Velma Fritz). This would date the picture at about 1907-8."
Picture: Alvin "Al" Johnson

(family tree 8)

Martha A Churchill's great-grandmother's grandfather, Ubbo Pieters Tjaden, who was a physician in Holland. (tree 6) Henk Tjaden (born in 1900 in Haarlem) with his wife, children and grandchildren
© Henk Tjaden 
(family tree 5)
The Tjaden family of Ackley, Hardin county, Iowa, USA - all originally born in the Emden, Ostfriesland area, posted by Steve Schack in Minneapolis MN Cornelis Tjaden (born 24/4/1893, died 28/10/1944) and Anna Jantiena Tjaden-Smit born (28/12/1894, died 8/11/1980)
Married 26/3/1920 (family tree 3b, page Ep7)
© Bert Tjaden
Eppe & Gesche Peters Tjaden plus 9 children. Ippe was born September 3, 1840 in Marien-Hafin. Picture was taken in 1917 on their 50th wedding anniversary (family tree 13)

Gravestone of Hajo Tjaden (1618-1677) Pastor in Blaukirchen (1648-1677)
This stone is in the church of Forlitz-Blaukirchen Ostfriesland, Germany.
The epitaph is in Latin.
© Bert Tjaden 
(family tree 3)
Church at Siegelsum Rev. Johann Hermann Tjaden (born 7/2/1654, died10/2/1720) (family tree 3, page T3).
The lady on the path is the daughter of Egbert Tjaden and Catharina Gezina Bos. (family tree 3b, page Ep7)
© Bert Tjaden

This is Aaltje Geertruide Vrient-Tjaden on her 90th birtday (family tree 4a)

They are Bert Tjaden's grand parents: Evert Tjaden and Eppedina Tjaden (first woman and first cousins). (family tree 3b, page Ep5 and Ep6)
© Bert Tjaden


translation on tombstone (left)

Ruhe Sanft hier wo die Schwelle banger
Rest soft here where the threshold of afraid
Erden Tage weicht lieblich.weg und ich die
earth days give lovely way and I the
Hülle Gottes Erde sehe dier leicht
body in Gods earth (ground) of you see situated
(dead body = wrapper/cover)
unvergesslich bleibst du uns zum frohen
unforgettable stay you for us till on the cheerful
Tag des wieder sehens amen
day of see again amen


Hajo Tjaden. East New Market ,Maryland, USA

Tree 4a, page  Be. 5e

Hajo Tjaden. East New Market ,Maryland, USA

Tree 4a, page  Be. 5e.

This  and the next fourpictures are  taken by Amy Robbins Tjaden at St Peter Lutheran Cemetery near Benson, Woodford County, Illinois
St Peter Lutheran Cemetery near Benson, Woodford County, Illinois
St Peter Lutheran Cemetery near Benson, Woodford County, Illinois
St Peter Lutheran Cemetery near Benson, Woodford County, Illinois
St Peter Lutheran Cemetery near Benson, Woodford County, Illinois

Churchard in Weene.

Tree number 8 ,Page Gott 8.

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Birth certificate Ludwig Tjaden (tree 9)
Birth certificate Friedrich Janssen Arnholz
(tree 9)

Wedding certificate Hinrich Friedrich
(tree 9)

birth certificate Aaltje Geertruida
© Hanny van Hoorn
birth certificate Jan Andries Vrient
© Hanny van Hoorn
Marriage Vrient/Tjaden
© Hanny van Hoorn
Death certificate Alida Geertruida
© Hanny van Hoorn
Death certificate Bernardus Hermanus
(tree 4a  Be. 2)
© Hanny van Hoorn
Death certificate Lutmer Berents
(tree 4a, page 3)
© Hanny van Hoorn

Paper sigaret bag
© Hanny van Hoorn

Notkenkarte (ID) of Sibo Tjaden

(Family tree 4 page UF.4)

Birth Certificate Christine Reck
(tree 5, page Cle 4)