Tjaden/Uilderich Tjaden/Thjaaden family tree Rysum

This is a contribution of Evert Tjaden. The tree is divided in the following pages:

Uilderk Tjaden and Grietje Arents: T1, T2
Uilderik Tjaden and Martje Geerts: Uil1
Arned Jansen Tjaden andJetske Ubben: Ar1
Ubbo Peters Tjaden and Elizabeth Hoffmann: Luth1, Luth2, Luth3, Luth4, Luth5 (more info)
George Uhldirk and Elsina Lutterman: USA1, USA2, USA3

Evert Tjaden
Tulpstraat 33
9679 EP Scheemda
The Netherlands

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